semi-officially the most hated/crap/controversial band in the UK

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Sitting uneasily between straight-up nihilism and fresh-faced naivety,
Killdren pen politically charged slapstick rave punk anthems.
They form the ideal soundtrack to the worst generation in history.


'Killdren presents' gig night in London

We're running another one of our 'Killdren presents...' gig nights in London on Saturday 10 June

Killdren presents... spring gig night at New River Studios

with the amazing Pavlov's House, Music in Our Underpants, Oliotronix – and us (soz).

Limited capacity at the venue, advance tickets advised.
Early bird tickets have gone, £8 standard available here:

If you prefer a reminder from Faceberk, you can join the event here.


Make Rave Punk Again t-shirts

We have a new t-shirt design – we like our raves punk, and we love punk to be rave
Order yours here

Make Rave Punk Again t-shirt design mockup


New song – Can't Pay Won't Pay

We rushed a version of this new song to align with support for the Don't Pay campaign currently taking hold in the UK that encourages people to take part in non-payment of their energy bills.

This is to counter the ransacking and profiteering from the energy companies – who are simulaneously reporting their largest ever profits while raising energy prices astronomically for the consumer. It's putting people's livelihoods and even lives on the line, especially as we approach winter and we are experiencing Tory-bandit Austerity 2.0 aka the 'cost of living living crisis'.

There is plenty of info and resources about how to take part on the DontPay.UK website!

New tees on our Bandcamp merch page

We got some new prints of the Killdren face/icon done - with some ladies-cut t-shirts and some lairy green and pink colours too, in addition to the usual unisex tees and blaaaack. We also reduced the price of our fabulous Eat the Rich design too, now that we've paid off the illustration.

new print of Killdren face design t-shirts


New DJ MIXES are up on Mixcloud

Killdren on the wheels of cheap plastic

The third and fourth editions of our mix series are online - our usual mixed bag of tunes drawn from the well of inspiration for our own music, plus some bangers and just-plain-weird stuff we're into.
We also did a special Disunited Kingdom mix for 'er Madge's near-death-experience aka the Jubilee.


Benefit single: Escape from Plague Island

cover art for Killdren single Escape from Plague Island

It’s out NOW and all proceeds go towards a prisoner support fund for people being fitted up by the state for their part in the Bristol Kill the Bill protests.

Head over to our Bandcamp page to listen but ideally chuck in some money towards the benefit!

Latest LP: Dismembers of Parliament

We are very proud of our third release – an 8 track album recorded during the lockdown period.
It's available from Bandcamp and via all major outlets.

Dismembers of Parliament cover art


Come and check out one of our live shows...


07/10/23 London gig - details TBA
28/09-01/10/23 Something Else End of Season Party 2023 - tickets
09-13/08/23 Boomtown Fair 2023 - info
29/07/23 Wonkfest 2023 - The Dome, London - tickets
10/06/23 Killdren presents... gig night at New River Studios - details or tickets
07/04/23 Manchester Punk Festival - tickets
04/03/23 Punk at Peggy's Music Bar, Southend-on-Sea - details
14/01/23 Benefit for community self-defence collective, Queen's Head, Brixton - details
17/10/22 Killdren presents... a midwinter mashup with T-Bitch (and more) - details or tickets
05/11/22 No Future is Now festival in Krakow, Poland - details
17/09/22 Secret afterparty of a certain Bookfair
15/09/22 Venue MOT, London
03/09/22 LOUD WOMEN Fest 2022 at Amersham Arms, London - details
28/08/22 Squatters Tights venue at Shambala Festival, UK
5-7/08/22 Slovakia Teknival
04/08/22 Koncerty na garážach in Bratislava, Slovakia - details
30/07/22 Fluff Festival, Czech Republic - details
27/07/22 OCCII, Amsterdam - details
16/07/22 New Cross Inn, London
18/06/22 Toxic Wotsit presents, Hastings - details
26-29/05/22 Bearded Theory festival, UK
09/05/22 Private party, Bolton
08/04/22 1-in-12 Club, Bradford
26/03/22 Fishlock Promotions at The Exchange, Bristol - details
05/03/22 Acoustic set(!) at 'Killdren presents..' – New River Studios, London - details and tickets
24/02/22 Off the Cuff, south London - details
19/02/22 Elephant & Castle pub in Ramsgate - details
POSTPONED Acoustic set(!) at 'Killdren presents..' – New River Studios, London - details and tickets
10/12/21 New Cross Inn, south London - details
20/10/21 Poco Loco, Chatham - details
09/10/21 Till The Wheels Fest, Matchstick Piehouse, London - details
08/10/21 Secret London free party - try messaging us
24/09/21 Wotsit Called Fest, The Pig, Hastings - details
14/08/21 Secret event, Leipzig
12/08/21 Underdogs Venue, Prague - details
26-27/09/20 Wotsit Called Festival, Hastings - details
19/09/20 CraftCore festival, Oxford Artisan Distillery - details
12-16/08/20 Boomtown Fair, Winchester - details soon
24-28/06/20 Fusion Festival, Germany - details
Scandinavian Spring 2020 tour
04/04/20 Disco Maximus, Gothenburg, Sweden - details
02/04/20 Smålands, Lund, Sweden - details
01/04/20 Konsum, Uddebo, Sweden - details soon
31/03/20 Kulturhuset, Jönköping, Sweden - details soon
30/03/20 Kulturhuset Magasinet, Nyköping, Sweden - details soon
28/03/20 Blitz in Oslo, Norway - details soon
20/03/20 Renegade Picnic fundraiser gig at New River Studios, London - details
12-15/03/20 Bang Face Weekender in Southport - details ...YEAH - AT LEAST WE GOT THIS ONE IN!
07/03/20 Red Lion pub in Bristol – details
06/03/20 KAFC in Liege, Belgium
08/02/20 Loud Women half-dayer at Hope & Anchor, Islington - details
28/12/19 Gig at Conway's Basement in Dundee - details
21/12/19 Midwinter solstice special with Bad Fractals, Deadwood, UKAEA at New River Studios – details
16/11/19 Killdren and GlitchGirl – Undertone, Cardiff - details
15/11/19 Killdren presents Petrol Bastard and Glitchgirl – Amersham Arms, New Cross - details
03/10/19 Vice Party at The Amersham Arms, New Cross - details
26/09/19 Warm up party for Wotsit Called Fest 2019 - Whistle Trago, Hastings, info here
21/09/19 Free party – London area
14/09/19 SLAP Night at Worcester Music Festival – details here
31/08/19 A Place of Our Own – DIY venue fundraiser at Grow Tottenham - details here
24/08/19 Cider Festival at the Elephant & Castle pub, Ramsgate - details here
9-11/08/19 Boomtown Fair - Busker's Wharf stage
13/07/19 Feel Festival in Bergheider See, DE – some details here
12/07/19 Trash -o- Lade festival at Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin – details here
11/07/19 'Killdren Unplugged' acoustic set at Fischladen in Berlin – Rigaerstr. 83
06/07/19 Bristol Skum Collective @ St Pauls Carnival, Bristol
05/07/19 Neuadd Ogwen in Bethesda, Wales
26-30/06/19 Glastonbury Festival ??? (yes, we went and fucking played it anyway + KTS 3 times!!!)
22/06/19 Tiny TAA – arts festival, secret London location
14-16/06/19 Sistafest III in Oxfordshire - details here
13/06/19 Killdren presents Mr Marcaille + Harmergeddon at New River Studios, London - details
10/05/19 Gig at Fox & Firkin, Lewisham, London – more details soon
04/05/19 The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford – details here
03/05/19 Hatch in Sheffield – details here
02/05/19 0161 Festival in Manchester - details here and here
21/04/19 Easter Sunday Anarcho Rave at The Lion, Bristol – details here
20/04/19 The Cavern, Exeter – details here
European BrexShit tour – 15 March to 7 April 2019
06/04/19 KAFC, Liege BE
05/04/19 L’Emulsion, Marche-en-Famenne BE
02/04/19 Mandril Cultural and Political Centre, Maastricht NL
30/03/19 Party at Huize ívicke, Wassenaar, NL
29/03/19 Bajesdorp, Amsterdam NL
16/03/19 Soli-party with Nostruckture at Köpi, Berlin – more details soon!
15/03/19 Fischladen in Berlin – Rigaerstr. 83
01/03/19 Punk Circus event at Electrowerkz, London – details here
22/02/19 'Disguise the Limit' EP launch party at Royal Sovereign, London - more details
19/01/19 Benefit party at DIY Space for London – details here
17/11/18 Chaos Theory at l'uZinne in Bruxelles, BE – info here
10/11/18 Empire Bar in Hackney, London with RDF and Bad Fractals – info here
04/11/18 Bristol Tattoo Circus afterparty at Stag and Hounds –  info here
20/10/19 'Not the After Party' – London (secret location)
14/09/18 Headfuk Sound System 20 year anniversary party – East London – info here
01/09/18 Siren Stage at Party in the Park festival, Fordham Park, London – info here
09-12/08/18 Boomtown Fair – info here Fri 19:20 in Freak Boutique, Sat 01:30 in Crazy Calamities
29/06/18 Block around the Clock – fracking protest site, Preston, Lancs – info here
25/05/18 Hell Hath No Fury Fest – The Chelsea, Bristol –  info here
08/04/18 Freekuency free festival, Portugal –  info here
30/03/18 Random Artists at the Undercurrents Gallery, The Birds Nest, London – info here
10/03/18 The Loch is Fucking Dead Festival, Enschede, NL –  info here
09/03/18 Barlok, Bruxelles, BE – venue info here
27/01/18 Nostruckture Fundraiser, secret London location – info here
04/11/17 Random Artists at ExFed, London – (free entry, info here)
28/10/17 London free party (secret location, shhhhh)
13/10/17 ADM Festival in Amsterdam, NL –  Container Stage on Fri, Starkovitz tent on Sat
30/09/17 Something Else in the Dean Festival, Forest of Dean – 17:15 slot
29/09/17 The Exchange, Bristol –  with China Shop Bull and Atterkop (tickets here)


Our second collection of remixes

This compilation has 16 amazing remixes of our second and third releases from underground electronic producers. It's available now from Bandcamp!

Killdren - The Remixes part 2 & 3 cover art

Awesome cover art by Russell Taysom

Check out the launch party we did on YouTube:

Music videos for our latest album:


We got new merch!

We need to fund our extremely lavish lifestyles as part of the self-centred metropolitan urban elite (Tonbridge Wells is not cheap, you know) and you can help support us by buying some merch from our Bandcamp here.

Current selection of Killdren merch

Listen to our DJ mixes

Click here to download the first of our DJ sets!

Who the fuck are these "posh punks from Tonbridge Wells"?

Hopefully you have your own inventive reasons for visiting our site (boring stuff, like enjoying one of our gigs, or because you're curious just how shit 'rave punk' music could be)... but otherwise maybe you're here because we wrote a heart-felt, but tongue-in-cheek, song about the deadly nature of the brutal austerity policies of the Conservative party which have contributed towards an estimated 130,000 preventable deaths in the UK???

We made a absurdist OTT music video that was rushed to coincide with the General Election in 2017 before we were even a band or had any real songs. However, some dingle-berry journalist at the Murdoch-owned Sunday Times broke a story to earn some pennies and there was a 'tinsy, tiny wee media shit-storm' about our debut song 'Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You)':

The original comedy-horror music video made for about £50
The original article in some bum-rag called the Sunday Times
Our own main media response in a paper that at least published our words unedited
A follow up musical response 'Tickle Tory Chums' presented by our manager Bruce Manhood
One of the most ridiculous bits of coverage, where we get defended by one of the clan Johnson

After this debacle we were withdrawn from the Glasonbury Festival lineup, had our Facebook page removed (new one now here), our Big Cartel page shut down and our YouTube page listed as 'restricted content'.

You couldn't make this shit up – so we didn't!

Disguise the Limit

You can listen/buy it over here on Bandcamp

We have CDs for sale!

Dismembers of Parliament CD label

We have both of our albums available on CD – on our Bandcamp page.

Overkill is Underrated available on Bandcamp:

The remix EP of Overkill is Underrated:


Killdren - BrexShit tour poster

We got a video channel too:

Killdren’s debut song was released in 2017 as a response to the call for a General Election
in the form of a YouTube music video entitled ‘Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You)’.

Some dingle-berry journalist at the Sunday Times (in June 2019) broke a story and there was
'a tinsy, tiny wee media shit-storm' about this particular song:
The original article
Our own main media response
A follow up musical response
Our favourite bit of coverage

And you can buy shit, sucker:

Show the world your disdain for the Tories' violent policies with a wonderful Kill Tory Scum t-shirt!
We also have ones with Russell Taysom's glorious icon design below as well as CDs, tea towels and face masks!
Available now over on our Bandcamp page

Killdren band icon by Russell Taysom